Wednesday, April 13, 2011

catch up time....

wow! It has been a year since my last post...that is sad. Of course, so much has happend. Selah has her new baby sister Moriah. I am so blessed by these two girls! They are so sweet. I love to watch them play together. Moriah is only seven months old but the girls already have a lot of fun together. I can't wait until they really get playing! Things should get very interesting once Moriah starts moving! Selah is growing SO much. She amazes me with all that she knows and says. She really listens ( and repeats ) everything! It is crazy! Moriah loves to watch Selah! It is great to see how much Moriah already loves and looks up to Selah. I am so excited that God blessed us with two beautiful girls! Life is the Kelly House: Jeremy and I are trying to get everything settled at grandma's house. We decided that it would be best if we just stayed here. We are having a HUGE yardsale this Saturday to try to get things out that we just don't have room for. We are finding that now that we have the girls it is really important to not be cluttered. It is so hard to stay on top of everything and keep everything clean that we feel we need as little stuff as possible. It is nice to finally be able to settle down and get our stuff out of storage. Hopefully we will feel a little more settled soon! Right now our house has all sorts of boxes all over and furniture in all sorts of odd places. The goal is that by next week we will be able to have a house that is finally put together!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has sprung!!!

The weather has been beautiful and Selah has not had any desire to be indoors!! We definately have an outdoor girl! She has been helping Kaky in the garden and has loved every dirty minute of it!!! She's making her garden loving daddy proud.

Selah is growing and doing exciting new things every week! She has found her land legs and loves to walk! Unfortunately that means that we really have to keep a close eye on her. Today we found her at the top of Kaky and Papa Jim's stairs...yikes, that was scary!!! She loves the stairs and will not hesitate to climb them by herself! Selah has also become very animated and verbal! She will go on and on about whatever is on her mind at the moment. We can't always understand her words but her hand motions help us to understand the general topic that is so passionately being discussed! Needless to say, the Kelly house has become a very entertaining place to be!!!

The pregnancy has gone well. I (Cass) am no longer sick and can eat most things again. That first trimester I really couldn't find much other than fruit that was very appealing to eat. We find out what we are going to have on the 19th of this month. We are excited about seeing what we are going to be blessed with.

As Selah becomes more mobile, I (Cass) become more and more nervous about having two little ones at the same time. I think that I am going to be VERY tired at the end of each day. I am excited that the kids will be close enough to play together and be interested in the same stuff and the same time. However, I really hope that this baby has a good temperment and we do not have too terrible of "terrible two's"...I can just imagine just how interesting life could potentially be. On that note...maybe some people could start praying for me now...I think I will need it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

On The Move!!

Yes, the day has come!! Selah is finally crawling! She is still a little hesitant so she is not into everything yet! I know that I will only be able to enjoy that for another few days. Soon, she will be all over the place!

We are heading to Greenwood next Tues. to see everyone for Thanksgiving. We will eat with Wesley at Faith Home. I am very interested to see how Selah does on Kathy and Jimmy's hard wood floors! They may slow her down for a little while!

Jeremy and I are still waiting for the right door to open up. The Lord really has not given us any direction. I am excited to see where we will end up at. He has been blessing us with odd jobs here and there for Jeremy. I have been selling some products from cloth diaper company, Lovable Cloth, and through Pampered Chef. I think that it is all going to work out. This is just an opportunity for God to be glorified and our faith to be strengthened! I am excited to see how all of ti turns out.

I have been couponing a lot and saving TONS of money! Praise the Lord for coupons!! They truly have made things easier for us. Couponing also ends up being an outlet for me which is nice. I feel like by couponing I am adding more to our family's financial peace.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving right along...

Things seem to be moving right along for us in the Kelly family. Selah continues to attemp crawling and ends up scooting on her bottom...which is super cute! She has learned where her nose is. Next we are going to work on finding our "eyes". She is becoming increasingly independant. She has little interest in any food that she can not feed herself. This is nice when we want to eat but it tends to be a little messy at times. She does not play with her food but does tend to drop a lot on the floor. We have recently added cheese and yogart in her diet and she loves it! Cass tried beef tonight to see if it will affect Selah. As many of you know, she has not been able to eat or drink any cow products because Selah couldnt handle the protein. We'll let you know how tonight goes.
We heard back from Newhope and are going up in two weeks for a five week trial period with pay. We are all very excited about this opportunity and feel realy good about it. None of the details have been worked out yet but we'll hopefully hear from them on those this week.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we'll try to keep you updated on here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Kelly Family Blog

So, I was told that this blog needs to be updated more regularly (information I already was aware of) and that it needed to be about the three of us Kelly's. So....I want to say sorry to all of our faithful blog followers...I really am going to try to update this more frequently....we will see how that goes!

Anyway, there is a lot going on with our family right now. Most of you know that Jeremy and I are both out of work. We are spending our days getting our house ready to sell and trying to figure out how things are going to work financially for us over the next couple of months. We are in the interview process with a church that we really believe is where the Lord is leading us. The church is New Hope and it is in NC. ( check it out) As of right now, it does not seem that there are any other prospects for a job.

I can't speak for Jeremy, but as for me, I have such faith that God is going to prove himself faithful to us during this time of waiting. I am so excited to see how He provides for us. A few weeks before Jeremy decided to resign the Lord really started speaking to my heart about how He is my provider. I know that was not a coincidence. I believe that He started showing me these things so that I would have the strength and faith to get through this time. I know that Jeremy and I are going to come out of this experience with a great testimony of how our God provides for our every need.

On a lighter note, Selah is growing more and more. I can't believe that this little girl is my baby! She is getting bigger and smarter every day. She continues to love to dance and sing. She says the words "momma", "dadda", and "up". The jury is still out on whether or not she actually knows what the word "up" means. However, she really likes to say it. She still does not crawl but she scoots on her bottom very well. She has also started to stand on her own and has tried to pull up on the furniture. Overall, she is still very content sitting on the floor playing with her toys or mommy and daddy. The most exciting thing to me has been her love of books. She loves to listen to Jeremy and I read her stories. If she is upest, a book will calm her down. When she is playing by herself she flips the pages of whatever book she has and looks at all of the pages.

Monday, July 27, 2009

moving right along...

Well, we have had a very interesting July. After being home only 5 days so far this month Selah is getting very used to living out of a suitcase! She seems to be adjusting to traveling very well.

Here are a few updates for the SC family members that have not had the opportunity to see her in a few weeks!

  • She is now drinking juice and water out of a bottle!! We have mastered the Adiri bottle!!
  • She loves chicken and peas! Two things that I think taste the worst in baby form!
  • During tummy time yesterday, Selah almost got up on her knees!!!
  • Selah has started pushing up in her Jenny Jump Up
  • She has mastered some new sounds and blends!
  • We now have a master grabber on our hands...we have to watch her very closely!!!

It seems that things are moving right along!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A mouthfull...

Well, last night Selah figured out how to put her foot in her mouth...literally! She found that she likes to chew on her big toe. That is one teether that will always be with her!!! She is really starting to examine her hands, fingers, and toys. She likes to study everything and everyone around her.

Selah went swimming for the first time last week. She had such a good time! This was a spur of the moment decision so Jeremy was the only one out of the three of us that had a bathing suit...or at least a pair of shorts that could double as a bathing suit. Selah went skinny dipping...we figured she was young enough to do that...and I sat on the side of the pool with my feet in the water. Jeremy had no choice but to swim with her the entire time because if he handed her to me to hold she would start fussing. She wanted to be in that water with her daddy!!! She loves the water.

She has been swimming twice since that day. It looks like we are going to have to convince daddy of getting her (and mommy) an above ground pool...wink, wink!!! I think that the little kiddie pools at Walmart will work for right now!

Check out the Connor's blog for some great pictures of Selah playing with her friend Maddie!!! They are SO cute together!!!